Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mom, I want to be a vegetarian bento!

Well, my good camera had dead batteries this morning so I was forced to use my cell to take this pic. So it does not look very good at all. I wanted to post it anyway because this morning my 6yr old daughter informed me that she wants to be a "vegetarian"! I said to her "What exactly is a vegetarian?" She simply replied "You do not kill animals and eat them!" I thought OKKKKKKKKKK. I was thinking this must have come from school or something because we are not vegetarians in this house. I told her that a few times per week that I would make her a vegetarian bento & she was happy with that!
So her bento today was 2 hard boiled quail eggs, a cherry tomato, shelled edamame, chopped apples and some shredded mini wheats for a little sweet snack!


Courtney said...

Thats so funny! my 7 y.o. has been on this vegetarian thing too. Kinda shocking since he cant live w/out burgers and terriaki chicken!
We'll see how it goes. lol
good luck to you guys =)