Monday, November 17, 2008

Contest Entry #1 From Megan "All Day Energy Bento"

The reason behind the name "All Day Energy" for my bento is because everything inside the bento will more than likely keep a 4-6 year old energized and full for quite some time. I put a lot of thought into this one to make sure the bento included every food group, but still stayed in small enough portions as to not overstuff a childs' belly at lunch!
In the top tier: Two bear shaped peanut butter sandwiches, three turkey/ham rolls held together with some cute animal picks, four snowflake shaped cheese snacks, star shaped onigiri with a nori star in the center, and a flower shaped bottle with some soy sauce for the onigiri.
The bottom tier holds the fruit and veggies, as you can see. I have two fairly small whole strawberries, three red grapes, three flower shaped carrot slices (I had four but there wasn't enough room after I put the egg in, so I ate it ^_^), a bunny shaped egg that came out a little iffy (the egg I used was too big...I'm still experimenting!), a small cup of shelled edamame, and four thin slices of cortland apples.


paperdollsuicidepact said...

What a pretty bento, nice job!

Love For Obento said...

aw, thanks! ^_^

Anonymous said...

Name creativity:3
Food Groups:5
Packing Skill:5
Food Combination:4