Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tuna & Furikake Star Onigiri

Last night I premade the Star onigiri. It is just rice,tuna and furikake mixed together and then I put it into my star rice mold. For Nico I added his first initial using nori and for Reyna I added a star cheese. Nico has informed that he wants more food than I have been packing for him so he has a 2 tier bento box today with extra fruit and cheese. reyna has a mini weiner, kiwi, flower shaped carrots and green beans. Nico has red grapes, cheeses, green beans & carrots!

* Great Tips at LunchInABox on what to do with your scraps! Thanks Biggie!


Two Beautiful Girls Mommy said...

How funny I made a tuna sandwich for Bella today. I guess Tuna was the "it" food of the day!

Two Beautiful Girls Mommy said...

How did you do the little flower carrots?

Katy~ said...

I bought some vege cutters at the trusty ole 100 yen store that are metal and cut through hard veges such as carrots! I think we need to get together and do some BENTO shopping! :)