Monday, September 22, 2008

A little bit of this & A little bit of that...

Today I made "Bento Bear" sandwhiches which were bread that I cut out using my nifty little bear cutter with then I spread on some Laughing Cow creamy swiss cheese on (which really helps the little sandwhich to stick together), then added ham. For Reyna I also cut out a cheedar cheese Usagi (rabbit) and a cheedar cheese house and star for Nico. They both have green beans, cheez-its, kiwi, apples and shredded carrots with hijiki that I sauteed in a little sesame oil.

TIP: I really like using the laughing cow spreadable cheeses because it as I mentioned above really helps keep the sandwhich together sort of like yummy edible glue! It comes in small individual packages so it is perfect for using with bento! I used one triangle of it this morning and it was the perfect amount for both sandwhiches!