Tuesday, September 9, 2008

How I Got Hooked On Making Bento...

Hi! I am Katy;) I have always enjoyed anything to do with crafting, organizing and making things look nice, neat and pretty! When I moved to Okinawa, Japan in support of my Marine Corps husband I never dreamed that I would fall so deeply in love with the culture and people of this beautiful island! Their close and careful attention to detal fall right in line with my personality and interests.
When my children started attending a Japanese Preschool I learned very quickly that the Japanese people not only take pride in their homes, work and ancestory, they also take pride in the smallest of details such as the lunches that they prepare for their children everyday! As an American when I imagine taking lunch to school I imagine a metal box or plastic box the size of your average purse with a handle and usually some design or character on it. The contents usually being ziploc bags of foods such as a sandwhich, fruit, snacks etc... Though the first time I saw an O'bento made by a Japanese mommy, it was to my great surprise to see a small intriquite work of edible art!
Carrots looked like flowers,rice molded into hearts, eggs shaped like stars and the list goes on! I looked at this and thought to myself "I am almost positive that my children would not leave a crumb behind if their food looked like this!" Not to mention the joy it would give them to open their "O'bento" everyday and find such a fun lunch inside! So I began the mission to learn the art of O'bento. I still feel that I have much to learn but what I have learned I hope to share with other moms who want to make their childrens lunch as special and healthy as they can!


Courtney said...

THANK you for your wonderful site. I check it daily! I am pretty new to Okinawa (just under a year) and I to have become facinated with Obento. I have not made one for my kids yet, but im slowly "gathering supplies" Yours are beautiful and you give me hope that I can do it too! Again, thank you!

Obentolunch4kidz said...

Thank you so much for the kind words! I really appreciate you being a loyal reader of this site! This is the very reason I do it!