Wednesday, June 10, 2009

New Exciting Things Coming Soon!

Hello all and thank you to the many of you that I have received emails from welcoming me back!

I have some new exciting things that I plan on starting next week. So please be sure to check the site next week starting on Monday. After moving and unpacking all of my bento stuff, I thought it would be a great time to disinfect all of my bento boxes and supplies before I start using them again. I will be making eco friendly homemade antibacterial cleaners to clean and disinfect all of my bento making goodies. Most bento boxes have hidden rubber seals that need to be removed and cleaned to keep mildew from forming and these seals really need to be hit with an antibacterial cleaning agent. Though I prefer to use something that is all natural since these items are eaten out of by my most valued people:) my little ones! I will be posting the "recipes" for the cleaners and doing a pictorial step by step guide on cleaning your bento boxes properly and how to disinfect your other supplies. Also I will be making my daughter an exciting and delicious "Last Day Of School" bento on Wednesday of next week!

Many times I have been asked "What do I do with all of my scraps from making bento?" Well I have always tried to use the scraps rather than wasting them but my new plan is to start "composting"! There are several different ways to compost but I have chosen "Vermiculture" aka "Worm Composting"...yes I did say WORM! I know it sounds disgusting but after you read more on the subject I am sure you will come to the same conclusion as I have unless you have a wormfobia. If that is the case you can go with another way of composting! For more info on vermiculture CLICK HERE to learn more. I will be ordering my "Worm Factory" this weekend and as soon as I get it I will be sure to keep you all posted on my progress with it!

I do plan on making bento this summer for the kids especially for picnics at the park and swimming pool as well as Grab-n-Go snack bentos...more on that later!

Again thanks so much for your patience and sticking with the site during my move! I am very thankful to all of my readers. Even with the long time of no posts the site has busted through 10K hits and we are well on our way to 11K!

Take Care and as always Happy Bentoing!


jomamma said...

Perfect timing! School is out for summer and I won't be packing a lunch. But what a great time to start the compost bin and get the natural cleaners together.