Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Long Awaited Bento

Finally after months of moving, unpacking etc. etc. I made bento for my daughter! She was thrilled to say the least. It was her last full day of kindergarten today because tomorrow is early dismissal so I wanted to make sure she had one last bento for the school year. It is not spectacular by any means but with all my bento supplies being EXTREMELY unorganized I think I did ok;)
It is some leftover honey barbecue grilled chicken that I removed from the bone, fresh raw carrots, sliced fresh strawberries and bananas with a little cup of Wild Harvest organic berry granola for a little sweet treat! This granola blend is fabulous! I just love it and it has all natural organic ingredients. It is also very yummy in vanilla yogurt!


jomamma said...

Wow, your kids are still in school? Ours got out the 5th. When do they go back, after Labor Day I'm guessing?

Beautiful Last Day of School Bento.

Anonymous said...

When will you be reopening or updating your bento shop?

Christi said...

I have the hardest time thinking of things that my little guy can eat. Glad you have great ideas! Yay for a new bento!