Thursday, October 16, 2008

PANDA Day After Day Bento Set

So with Bento constantly on the brain these days it seems that I can sense a great Bento box from afar! While in one of my favorite stores in Jusco last night I found the most adorable Panda Bento Box Set! Immediately the movie "Kung Fu Panda" popped into my head. LOL! I asked a sales associate to open it for me so I could checkout the durability and inner lid to see if was tight sealing or not. The sales associate was looking at me like "Is this lady going to perform a full diagnostic check of this poor little panda?" Too funny! I continued my examination of this precious panda and came to the conclusive decision that this box was a keeper! Not only did it have a bag with panda ears it also had the most adorable Bento belt that looks like a headband on the panda and eyebrows as accents! SO FUN! Here are pics enjoy!