Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Newbie Bento Contest UPDATE

I just wanted to give everyone an update on the contest. There was a total of 13 entries and i was SO THRILLED to see everyones creative ideas and cute bentos! This first contest has been a real hit! I just love the idea of giving Newbies a chance to share their bentos and to have a chance in a contest without the thought of the "pros" not giving them a real shot at it! This definitely will NOT be the last Newbie Contest, so if you do not win this challenge you can give it another try next time;) As soon as I have received all of the scores from the judges I will post the WINNER and guess what... there is a little "TWIST" I have decided that the prize not chosen by the 1st place winner will go to the second place winner since there are 2 prize choices! SO EXCITING, right? So if you did not enter in this contest or did place in 1st or 2nd be sure to enter the next one...I have a good twist in mind for the next challenge as well!