Sunday, October 5, 2008

The kids obento for today!

When out scouting for new bento items for my online store I found Thomas The Train bento boxes and I just could not resist getting one for my son!!! So today he had his bento in a brand new and shiny Thomas Bento Box!!! I also found some Winnie The Pooh containers that are deeper than most bento containers and they were PERFECT for sides! They did not fit in the Thomas bento box but I just put them in his lunch bag seperately since they come with tight sealing lids! They did fit nicely into my daughters bento box though:)
For my son today I made quail eggs and colored them, made bear cheese and bread, edamame, kiwi, shells & cheese and tiny corn dogs which are hidden under the bears & star carrot! For my daughter she had kiwi, tiny creme crepes, quail eggs, edamame, carrot, tiny corn dogs, bear bread and shells & cheese! NOW WHO SAYS YOU CAN'T FIT ENOUGH FOOD INTO A BENTO BOX!!! :)