Saturday, October 18, 2008

Contest Entry #4

I’ve been trying to eat healthier in an attempt to make my wedding dress fit better before the 24th, so I figured, why not go with lots of fruit, veggies, and low fat snacks?

Veggies used: mini corn cob cut into thirds on a lettuce leaf, mini broccoli florets, baby carrots.

Fruit used: Apple slices, whole red grapes.

Other food items: A bunny shaped hardboiled egg, white rice with Pokemon shaped nori, star shaped onigiri with nori faces, two mini flower shaped peanut butter sandwiches, mickey mouse shaped cheese snacks on an animal pick, and two small hello kitty bottles with teriyaki sauce for the rice.

Oh, and there is strawberry kool-aid in the pink container, and ranch dressing in the smaller, round container.

Thanks for giving me the opportunity to enter my bento (and a chance to win that awesome bento set, lol)! This was the first one I was really able to try hard on and came out at least somewhat successful!