Saturday, October 18, 2008

Contest Entry #3

Fall Into Bento

Hello! I'm Raingirl3179. I read about your Bento Newbie Challenge over on Bentolunches on LJ and thought I may join. I just started with some makeshift Bento-ing a couple weeks ago when I discovered the community. I made a particularly good lunch for today, and thus I submit it as my entry.

The box is a Fit 'n Fresh container. In the main compartment I have a mixed greens salad with cucumber. The apple slices have apple cutouts, the cuke slices have acorn cutouts. In the left smaller container I have a bed of spinach, container of raspberry vinaigrette dressing, some cucumber sticks, and a mini Babybel lite with an acorn cutout from the wax; this I used to adorn the top of my dressing container. In the container at right I have an apple jelly propping up leaf picks that are spearing triangles cut of my nutrition bar.

When all is said and done, I call this lunch 'Fall' Into Bento :D