Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A little bit of everything...

Todays bento for the kids was a little bit of everything! Edamame salad with Hijiki, Cheez-Its, red grapes, organic green beans, shells & cheese and boiled eggs that have been molded into a car and a fish! Due to the flash of my camera you can not really see the detail on the eggs but they were really cute!

I also found ORGANIC Juice Boxes! YIPPEE! They had them at the Foster Commissary and they are smaller than the regular sized juice boxes which is perfect for packing in a lunch or bento! LUVS IT! My son was NOT impressed, he said that it was too small and he is "more thirsty than that little box"! So hey when your 4 year old says he is thirsty you shall not deny him, right??? LOL! So he takes a little thermos that I bought at the handy ole 100 yen store and I put his drink in there and seems to be content with that solution to his thirst problem ;)

* For more on molding eggs go to LunchInABox


Delene said...

Ok, so where do I sign up to become one of your kids? they look SO good.....

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