Saturday, September 20, 2008


Furika what>>>. FURIKAKE! Since it is the weekend and I am not packing bento for the kids I thought I would do a post on Furikake and how you can use it in making your O-bento!

Furikake seasoning is like the salt and pepper of Japan. If you aren't "seasoned" on this Japanese seasoning - here's a little lesson on furikake. Nori Furikake consists mostly of seaweed and is used just like salt. Made from shaved bonito, Seto Furikake is a tasty seasoning for salads, soups, and fish. And Oomori Rice Ball Furikake turns an average rice ball into a colorful feast for the eyes.

You can buy Furikake for kids bento that come in small individual packets and come in many different flavors, such as vege, egg, salmon, seaweed etc. Click HERE to see pics of Hello Kitty furikake! Kids love to have a little packet of it in their bento so they can sprinkle it on their rice!

If you are here on Okinawa finding Furikake is as easy as going to the local San-A, Jusco or even the 100Yen Store! If you are stateside then it is as easy as ordering online by clicking HERE!