Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Snack Bento For The Summertime

Since bento is usually more prominent during the school year for most of us "bentoneers" it seems that the summertime is lacking the cute food that our kiddos are accustomed to. So, set the lunchables aside, pull out some healthy fruits and veges and make an adorable bento styled snack!
As I mentioned in a recent post, my camera has been lost by a certain little munchkin here at my house and it is yet to be found. Therefore, I have been unable to take pics. This picture is a re-post but is a great example of a snack bento! Persimmon, flower apples, crackers, edamame, cheese heart and a peanut butter dipper in the elephant along with a caramel dipper in the bear!


Christi said...

Still, thank you so much for the ideas! My little guy is able to eat most of that stuff and is about ready for the rest! Now I just need a bento for him. Got any plain looking little boy ones coming? (Not crazy for the sponge bob or those types.)