Thursday, January 22, 2009

VOTE For Me!!!

Hey there bento fanatics! As you can see over there >>>>>> in my sidebar I am a member of! Over there >>>>>>> in the sidebar there is an icon that says "Vote For Me On Foodbuzz" CLICK IT! Oh come on you know you want to....JUST CLICK IT! OVER THERE >>>>>>> in the sidebar...where it says "VOTE FOR ME" In case you do not get what I am asking you to is CLICK IT! OK, yes I am being silly....though I would really appreciate your vote!

THANKS SO MUCH to all of my readers! The site has had over 6,000 visitors in only 4 months! WHOO HOO!


vaneblu said...

I voted ;) I love your Bentos so much, I am getting inspired on doing the same when time comes to pack lunch for me kids... someday :p