Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Preparation = Time Saved!

Bento Sketch
Rice Cubes, Carrots & Apples all ready to go into the fridge after they get Press-n-Sealed!
Rice Portions For The Next 3 Days Of Bentos

Everyone always asks how do I have time to make bento for 2 kids everyday...I always answer with "PREPARATION" I do not get up every morning and start from scratch. Every evening I do prep work for the next days bento. First I draw a "very awful" sketch of the bento that I am going to make in my "worst" chicken scratch handwriting. Next, I do whatever cutting or chopping that needs to be done and place it into small bowls, cover it and put it into the fridge. If I am using apples I spritz them with lemon water to keep them from browning. I also always keep rice in the fridge wrapped with Press-n-Seal that I have portioned out to just enough for both kids. I make sure to wrap the rice up when it is still warm so that the moisture gets locked inside, that way when I pop it into the microwave that moisture will keep the rice from being dried out. The rice is just as it is when it is fresh out of the rice cooker! I have included pictures in this post of my prep work that I did tonight for tomorrows bentos!


Lyvvie said...

What are these press-n-seal things? I must google and see! You folks get so many neat kitchen helps that we don't in the UK.

jomamma said...

I do all my bentos at nite... no time for the morning. I'll try the rice in Press-n-seal... I usually just use baggies, but I could cut the P-n-s to whatever size I needed.

Lyv, Press-n-seal is awesome... it almost glues it's self together. MUCH better than plain plastic wrap. I had a friend that would wrap her son's arm cast in P-n-s so he could take a shower... not a drip got inside!

Perez said...

Yes Press-n-Seal is great. I use it for everything! it is so easy to use and it works well!

Courtney said...

I also do drawings for my bentos for the next day, but mine dont look half as good as yours. lol

Love For Obento said...

i do drawings for my bentos too but they never end up working out! lol. i even trace the outside of the box and then work with the space inside and nothing! but those are some really good ideas, i've never seen rice wrapped up like that before, lol