Sunday, December 14, 2008

Leftovers Again Bento

We had chicken from Popeye's last night for dinner and had a breast left over, so of course I used it for bento today. Better than throwing away and wasting it...right?
So the kids have chicken, edamame, rice with furikake and Japanese mikons. My daughter also has a cherry tomato. I only took the one pic because I was in a hurry and I had already closed his up and put it into his lunch bag. I was just about to pack her lunch when I realized I had not taken pics yet! It was a crazy morning. Monday's usually are!


jomamma said...

How do you prepare the edamame? I always take the frozen edamame and microwave it a few seconds, then peel and eat them. But in a bento they don't look so good when you steam them in the morning and not eat them until noon.

Perez said...

I keep mine refridgerated. In the mornings I just pop them out of the pods and that is it! By the time my daughter or son eatsthem they are just right! Not cold or hot!