Sunday, December 7, 2008

Bento Contest Update

I had difficulty securing judges for this past contest and then I tried having a poll but that did not pan out either. So I have decided that I would ask Yumiko San and Hinako San whom are both Japanese. Yumiko San has made obento for a combined 20 yrs for all of her children. Her son who will graduate high school this year is the last that she makes obento for. Yes she does still make him bento everyday. Of course it is not the cutesy bento that we see for little ones but granted she has done that as well in their younger years! She is a native Okinawan and she has been making bento for as long as she can remember. Who better to be a judge than a native Japanese mom who has been making bento for so many years!


Stefanie said...

That is really nice! I'm excited to see what a native Japanese mom will have to say about our bentos. :-)