Thursday, November 20, 2008

Featured Bento Set Of The Week

Akubi-chan is a Japanese anime character & she can be described as a cute magical girl. She is proficient at magic, able to turn into any form by tapping a tambourine, and can grant any dream or wish. Usually, Akubi-chan resides in a vase, but when Ruru-chan, the owner of the vase, yawns (akubi), Akubi-chan pops out of the vase. Ruru-chan is in the 1st grade of elementary school; she is a little precocious and is secretly in love with her classmate, Itoshi-kun, who lives next-door. Akubi-chan tries various magic to make them good friends, but she always fails. For the sake of her best friend Ruru-chan, Akubi-chan is always willing to get out of the vase and tap her tambourine in order to play Cupid. This set is rare and there is only one set in stock! Take this opportunity to own a piece of Japanese anime and and this KAWAII Akubi Girl Bento Set:)

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