Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Edamame AKA Soybean

The Japanese call it edamame (beans on branches), but for the non-Japanese, it is sweet beans, vegetable soybeans, beer beans, green soybeans, garden soybeans, immature soybeans and even edible soybeans. But one thing for sure, when it comes to soy, edamame is the real thing.
In Japan, edamame is a popular snack food. But it was only recently that America came to learn about the wonders of these beans. The combination of great taste, ease of preparation and excellent nutrient value is making it popular with people of all ages. Now, we are bringing it to Manila with fresh edamame.
Edamame's many health benefits is also something which is worth looking into. The soybean is a complete protein containing all of the amino acid building blocks. It also provides an antioxidant boost from plant chemicals called isoflavones.

High quality soy foods with their high quality protein can serve as a good source of a complete protein for the critical years of child growth and development. Since children do not compromise on taste the key to making them eat soy food regularly is making them as tasty and as familiar as everyday foods and snacks so kids are willing to replace the junk foods with empty calories with great tasting everyday soy foods.Recognizing the value of soy protein in promoting children's health, the USDA in March 2000 made a ruling that "soy protein" can replace meat or other animal sources of protein in 100% of school lunch programs.