Monday, November 3, 2008

Contest Entry #6 From Shani

HI, My Name is Shani,I'm a mother of 2 boys in California.I just discovered Bentos at the beginning of the school year when my 8 year old son decided he didn't like sandwiches in his lunches anymore.I have been making him bento lunches for a few months now and I finally posted my first bento on Bento Challenge yesterday. We have both had so much fun with bentos and now my husband says I'm addicted. Well he's my next victim, I just ordered a bento box for him yesterday. Here is my entry for the Newbie contest "breakfast for lunch". It is my son's 9th birthday today so this was a good incentive to make him a really pretty lunch. Below is the contents description. "Birthday Bento"My son turns 9 today, this is his Birthday Bento. He loves sausage so I made omelet sushi rolls with mini chicken apple sausages and cheese, there are some spinach triangles (my first attempt at spanakopita, I added pesto and sun-dried tomatoes and they were really yummy). My son says they are his new favorite food. There are a few bites of steak tucked in behind the star onigiri. Carrot slivers, apple hearts, a strawberry, grape kabob and green beans for the fruit and veggies. Happy Birthday!!


shani said...

Judges Comments please. I would love to hear what the judges think of my bento. Hopefully tips for bettering my bentos! Thanks for the contest!! I'm excited to get my pink bento set, I will give it to my niece who is getting interested in bentos to take to high school.

Obentolunch4kidz said...

Score: 15
Appearance: 5 - I love everything about this bento. Great use of colors, shapes are used nicely, and there is very little open space.
Creativity: I love the idea of putting sausages in egg and that all food groups are represented.
Food Combination: 5 - This sounds like it was a very good bento to eat!! There's meat for the onigiri, sausage for the egg, veggies, fruit, and a scrumptious looking spinach pastry. Very cool!

#6 is my winner!
It's very natural looking, very balanced. Great food variety, great color mix, a balance of shapes, I gave it "5" in every category. My only criticism is that it doesn't immediately yell "breakfast." But on closer inspection the foods all work. Spanikopita is a great bento food and works as a breakfast choice. Although green beans and rice are not traditional breakfast foods, they don't dominate this bento and so overall it works for me.

Anonymous said...

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