Friday, November 28, 2008

Contest Entry #5 From Stefanie

Fantasy Forest Fun Bento:

I don't have kids yet to make obento for, so I packed food that I myself liked at the age of about six years. In this bento there is a wholegrain rye-bread squirrel with salami, sitting in between two apple bunnies and a heart-shaped egg. Behind the squirrel are a few mini carrots, red grapes and a wheat-bread fir tree with cream cheese. In front of the squirrel we have a shaped piece of cucumber and a small giraffe pick with a tortellini between two cherry tomato halfs. Two more tortellini are hiding beneath the tree in the back and there are bigger slices of cucumber under the giraffe pick and the egg. The whole box holds about 500 ml, which I think is the recommended size for a 4 to 6 year old child.


Anonymous said...

Name creativity:5
Food Groups:5
Packing Skill:5
Food Combination:4

KK said...

Any chance you can get your hands on a squirrel cutter for me? Must have it!