Saturday, November 1, 2008

Contest Entry #4 From Megan

I call this my "Beautiful Morning Breakfast Bento".

Right side: White rice mixed with blue food dye to represent the sky. Nori/edemame is used for the grass. Edemame pods are used for the flower stems and there are carrots used for flowers. I used a miniature breakfast sausage for the tree trunk and broccoli florets for the tree top. The sun is a slice of hardboiled egg yolk, and part of the remaining egg white was mashed up and used for clouds. I cut some nori to look like faraway flying birds...and there's a little bunny poking his head out from behind a flower!

Left side: Four Hello Kitty character chocolate chip waffles, red grapes, apple slices, more miniature breakfast sausages and a few cheese cubes. There is a little sauce inside the bunny bottle for the rice.


Megan said...

judge comments please...i just want to see where my flaws were and how i can better my bento, that's all. i'm glad i got second...but that means the accessories i won are things i already have lol

Obentolunch4kidz said...

#4 from Megan
Score: 12

Appearance: 4 - Very cute, the birds look like a smiling face! LOVE the Hello Kitty waffles!
Creativity: 4 - Very good use of foods for a scene.
Food Combination: 4 - The waffles sound great, but that looks like way too much rice for those sausages. Also, do people really eat raw broccoli for breakfast? >_>

#4 is a close second.
It's very pretty and I commend the effort that went into this bento. Also, it's a nice, sharp photo which makes a huge difference when you're showing off your bento. My critique is that rice dominates the bento, it gives me the impression that the maker chose rice for its decorative possibilities and less because it's a good breakfast food. There is a "wall" of brown breakfast foods over on the left, that could have been broken up by mixing in the apples or another colored food. Overall it looks like "the pretty part is over on the right, the real breakfast food is hiding over here on the left."
Appearance - 4, creativity - 4, food - 4 (pretty good balance of carbs/protein,veg).