Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Contest Entry #1 From Susan

My bento is an "english breakfast" it has a "fried egg" cheese sandwich, bacon, made from salami, beans, toast, cherry tomatoes and sausages. On the bottom tier we have fruit and fibre with banana and a cup of milk for the cereal on the side. I have been making bento since September this year for my daughter and myself.


arkonite_babe said...

judge comments please

Obentolunch4kidz said...

#1 - Susan
Score: 10
Appearance: 3 - The food sounds good, but I don't think the beans will travel very well, getting into everything else. The food is very haphazardly arranged and I'm not sure how that sandwich will go in when the box closes.
Creativity: 4 - I like the idea of doing an English breakfast in a bento, even if the beans don't seem practical in that container.
Food Combination: 3 - The English breakfast looks like it would have been great on its own. I'm unfamiliar with pairing it with cereal, is this common?

Good variety of food, I really like that cute little fried egg sandwich. But overall I'd like to see a better color mix. I'm just seeing brown and red, maybe it's the camera but that yellow egg yolk doesn't really "pop" out at me. This bento could also be packed a little more tightly.
appearance - 2, creativity - 2, food - 2 (no veg).

arkonite_babe said...

I'm rubbish at this aren't I!!!!! :0)