Monday, October 20, 2008

Contest Entry #11

I am new to obento making, and I have been making bento since August of this year. I did not really start making cute obento since September of this year though (after I received my obento supplies in the mail). I love making obento for my children. I am an obento addict, it is my therapy! I love searching kitchen stores for any obento item that I can incorporate with my daily themes.

This bento I would like to submit is called "SEA HAPPY BENTO"
Top tier: vegetable gyoza, breaded shrimp, breaded crabmeat (breaded shrimp/crabmeat=SEA)
Bottom tier: Sweet potato and "Happy onigiri" with salmon flakes inside the onigiri (HAPPY)
(there is also a bottom layer of steamed white rice under the onigiri)

I love making obento. Unfortunately, stores on Saipan do not offer much obento items, so I am hoping that I win this newbie obento contest so that I can expand my obento supplies. I love making obento and some of my friends have asked me to make obento for their kids also! I love packing my kids food with love and character.
Marianne Teregeyo