Saturday, October 18, 2008

Contest Entry #1

Get Me Through The Day Bento

Hello there!

My name is Katie and I've been bento-ing for about 3 weeks or so now. This was a bento I just made last week, and I'm really proud of it ^_^ I'm no good with names, so I'll call it the "Get Me Through the Day" bento. I'm a physics student and I have work study in the morning so I'm here for about 12 hours a day, so I really need to eat something balanced to keep me going. I put the little stars on because I had astronomy that day and it seemed appropriate!

The top layer is sticky rice with cherry tomatoes, miso shrimp with broccoli, and nori and sesame seed decoration. The bottom is orange segments with another cherry tomato and an azuki bean paste filled cookie.