Monday, October 27, 2008

Bentos Made The Night Before...

The kids bento had to be made the night before because I have a VERY hectic schedule in the morning!
For Reyna we have a flower shaped PB&J with a nori smiley face sectioned off with a pink baran divider. Next is a row of fresh cucumbers along with sliced apples and rolled ham on a teddy bear skewer! Then we have the EVER so CUTE Candy Sushi Roll! (See recipe below)
For Nico we have turkey & cheese sammies, diced apples and smiley face cucumbers! Nico got the candy sushi in his snack box to be eaten at snacktime after naptime. Naptime for him is directly after lunch so I try to limit his sugar intake at lunch!

Candy Sushi Rolls
Items Needed:
Fruit Roll Ups
Large Marshmellow
Take one large marshmellow and poke a hole all the way through the center. Next cut a small piece of the Twizzler and insert it into the center of the marshmellow. Wrap the marshmellow with the Fruit Roll Up!!! THAT'S IT! Not much to it! EASY and CUTE!


Courtney said...

your candy sushi is very cute! I have seen a few diffrent recipes for candy sushi but have never tried it. I like this one best, seems the easiest! By the way, have you ever made homemade sushi rolls? I want to try them out sometime, but im kinda would love to see some pics of bento friendly sushi and directions for a begginner! =)