Wednesday, October 1, 2008


So while out on a Bento Hunt I found the cutest little cutters! Not only do they cut little bunnies, bears and flowers they also have a press that imprints features on the cut outs! ADORABLE! So ofcourse I had to try them out ASAP! I made little sandwhiches for the kids with them and they came out so good and the cutters were so easy to use! Also I stopped by the Sanrio Store today with the intention to ONLY look because Sanrio is very expensive but OMG I found a Cinamaroll (if you live in Japan and have children you will know this cute little cuddly cartoon character well) egg mold and I found myself talking to myself outloud, only to realize it because people were staring... I actually said "OMG a Cinamaroll Egg Mold" with a huge smile on my face as if I had just won the Texas Lottery! I ask myself have I gone so BENTO insane that this is what it has come to...talking to myself outloud in public over a contraption that will mold a boiled egg into the shape of a fictional cartoon character??????? My friends I answer that with a BIG OLE TEXAS...YOU BETCHA!!! So I bought that egg mold with no regard whatsoever with how much this hunk of plastic was going to cost me and went ahead & got another to sell in my store so that some other BENTO insane person can relish in the same EGG MOLD joy that I have had today!